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George Petrenas – Principal and Founder

GeorgeGeorge is the founder of Strategic Performance Solutions Pty Limited. He has many years of senior executive experience in several very successful organisations. With fourteen years of experience as a Managing Director he has confronted all of the challenges which abound in growing organisations. These include the challenges of a start-up organisation through to becoming a market leader and having to compete with new market entrants, changes in regulations and market conditions as well as changes in the economy.

His broad business experience covers a spectrum of industries including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, clinical services, events and exhibitions. George’s post graduate qualifications include being certified as a Balanced Scorecard Professional with the Balanced Scorecard Association in conjunction with George Washington University. He also has Master of Science degree and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.   He is also Partner at nem Australasia Pty Limited. This network provides access to a broad range of expertise which can be called upon if required. This includes expertise in finance management, sales and marketing, and regulatory affairs.

At Strategic Performance Solutions Pty Limited we advocate identifying and executing competitive advantage through rigorous strategic planning and employee engagement. The Balanced Scorecard approach provides a fully integrated strategic planning and strategic management system. It’s based on having a clear Vision for the organisation and developing strategies and actions for making the Vision a reality.

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